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Rp7.215.000 termasuk PPN 11%

The SE 6.100 spray extraction cleaner (Kärcher Home Line) is available in white. This spray extraction cleaner leaves textile surfaces hygienically clean. Cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the fibres under pressure and removed together with the dissolved dirt – ideal for allergy sufferers and households with pets. Included are spray extraction nozzles for cleaning carpets, upholstery, mattresses and car seats. Further features: practical twist locks, large buttons, 2-in-1 comfort system with integrated spray extraction hose, 2-tank system (removable clean and dirty water tank), ergonomically shaped handle for easy transport, practical accessory storage, flat pleated filter for easy changing between wet and dry vacuuming (without interruption or filter change) as well as a separate filter flap for filter removal without coming into contact with dirt. Thanks to the adjustable dry vacuum nozzle for carpets and hard floors, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, adapter for wet and dry vacuuming and paper filter bag, the device can also be used as a Multi-purpose Vac.

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Celina Dish Rack [1711], Size : 409 x 324 x 130 mm

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Kapasitas Debu 0,25 L, Nozel bermotor, sikat 2-in-1, Li-Ion, 83 dB, 14.4 V

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Vacumm Cleaner, Drum Capacity 0,5, 2500mAH Battery, Included, 21,6 V

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Voltage: 20 V, Dust Capacity: 0.7 L, Vacuum Pressure: High 7.0 KPa, Normal 5.0 KPa

Professional Cleaning Machine

THERMOSTAR Dry Steam Cleaner Avantgarde S4

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Ketel baja tahan karat AISI 304, Kapasitas 2 Lt, 6 Bar, 64 g / menit, 230V - 50/60Hz

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Rangka Besi ,Ban Roda Karet Hidup, Ukuran 60×100×120cm

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The VC 4s Cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner impresses with its clever design. With its slimline and therefore lightweight cordless design, it can be used anywhere and is incredibly versatile. Thanks to its switch and double-handle design, this classic upright vacuum cleaner turns into a practical handheld vacuum cleaner in a matter of seconds. Its brushless high-speed motor, the multi-cyclone cleaning system with HEPA 12 filter for constant suction power of 15,000 Pa, and the large motorised floor nozzle ensure extraordinary cleaning results - in Eco mode for up to 60 minutes – more than enough to clean practically any household. After the cleaning, it's still child's play, because it's just as easy to empty the VC 4s Cordless as it is to recharge in the self-standing storage station, which eliminates the need to mount the charging station on a wall. The scope of delivery also includes an upholstery and a crevice nozzle.

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Small vacuum cleaner, great performance. The thoroughness of the VC 5 Premium handheld vacuum cleaner is just as impressive as that of a canister device, despite its extremely compact design. Thanks to Kärcher's patented triple-telescope system, the vacuum cleaner can be reduced to half its original size, so that it takes up very little room when stored in even the smallest household. The particularly compact dry floor nozzle with special air channel and flexible joint was designed especially for the VC 5 Premium and delivers maximum cleaning power, despite the vacuum cleaner itself consuming very little power. The VC 5 Premium's bagless filter system with integrated filter cleaning is also exceptional: instead of purchasing expensive filter bags, you simply remove the filter box to quickly empty it. In addition, the Kärcher VC 5 (white) Premium version has extensive accessories with which you can not only vacuum all hard floors and carpets, but also effortlessly and thoroughly clean narrow spaces and sensitive surfaces.

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Removes dust, small crumbs, pet hair and spillages in a single step and right up to the edge: The FC 5 Premium floor cleaner with self-cleaning function comes with 500 ml Universal Cleaner and 30 ml floor care agent for sealed wood as standard and cleans tiles, stone, parquet, laminate, PVC and vinyl floors in next to no time. It leaves floors 20% cleaner than a conventional mop* and they can be walked on again after around two minutes. This is thanks to the automatically wetted rotating cleaning rollers, from which the dirt-water mixture is conveyed directly into the waste water tank. The supplied rollers are machine-washable at 60 °C. A wide selection of special rollers for different floor types and a variety of detergents complete the range.

Professional Cleaning Machine

LAVATRICE Packing Machine BZC)

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0.1Kw, 220V, 50Hz

Professional Cleaning Machine

LAVATRICE PERC Dry Cleaning Machine [P-520F]

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3 Tank, Speed 45 r/min, Kapasitas 10 Kg